Thursday, August 26, 2010

True or False: Is it toxic or not?

Have you ever thought about whether or not common items around the house could be dangerous to your pets? Find the truth about some of the common items here!

My dog ate Marijuana. Its ok as long as I leave lots of food out for the munchies.: False

All parts of the marijuana plant contain THC including hashish and hashish oil. Your dog will probably not die unless they eat too much but clinical signs will start at 1000 times less than the lethal dose. Signs may start as soon as 30 minutes and include disorientation, drunken gait, slow heart rate, tremors, vomiting, low blood pressure and urine dribbling. Treatment includes supportive medications and monitoring of body temperature. Most recover in 24-72 hours.

Macademia nuts are dangerous: True

When ingesting a moderate quantity (about 5 nuts per 10 pounds) you will notice vomiting, weakness and depression starting at about 6 hours after ingestion. If there is not preexisting medical condition the weakness and depression gradually improve over 24 hours.

Swifer WetJets kills dogs: False

This product is mostly water (up to 90%), some propylene glycol and a little isopropyl alcohol. The propylene glycol is not the same as toxic ethylene glycol found in antifreeze and at the concentration in this product it should not be a problem.

Febreze is dangerous for pets: False

Febreze contains water, alcohol, corn-derived odor eliminator and fragrance. Toxicity is not expected with routine use or even with exaggerated exposure!

Tea is a good antidote for sick cats and dogs: False

Tea contains caffeine which is toxic to animals. Tea is 5-10 times more toxic than semisweet chocolate!